Jimmy – Le son de la souffrance (Ismaël Co, 2015)

Margaux was an extra on this film.

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Technical details

Direction / Screenplay: Ismaël Co
Production companies: Artisma Film, MBA Productions (In collaboration with)
Country: Canada
Date: 27 February 2015 (Premiere)

Cast: Wayne Debrosse (Jimmy), Louise N’Doye (Barmaid), Estrella Oliveira (Singer), Darline Cenatus (Mother), Akim Coly (Child), Gabrièle Gilbert (Chorus), Keithy Antoine (Narration mother), Cora Fogaing (Sound effects), Aurora Hova (Chorus), Ghislain Kounga Dallaire (Bassist), Fred Jeudine (Guitar), Davidson Ernest (Trumpet), Odia Kalongi (Friend singer), Sandra Michel (Friend Singer), Vanessa Michel (Friend singer), Cynthia Clitandre (Extra), Lila Lachqar (Extra), Cassandra Lozin (Extra), Myriam Elmoutaraji (Extra), Vanessa St-Amand (Extra), Kerlyne Oreste (Extra), Margaux Soumoy (Extra)

Crew: Marjorie Morin (Set coordinator), Dwayne Blanchette (Cameraman/Assistant director of photography), Ismaël Co (Director of photography/Cameraman assistant), G.NAX & L’Oncle Ben Soul (Original music), Maria Rubel (Musical composition), MBA Productions (Editing), Ibrahim N’Diaye (Sound), Fannie Gendron and Dihlia Depeine (Stylists), Auréanne Léa and Barbara Emma (Hairstyle), Vico Lerebours (Storyboard), Ismaël Co (Costume research), AJ’S Makeup & Stephanie (Make-up), Exorphe Collection (Men accessories), Elle Sublime (Women accessories), Unique Tricia & Karamell (Assistant on the set), Dave Joseph (Behind the scene / Assistant on the set)

Thanks: Morpheus Mercedes, EP. Mc Claren – Miracle Sales & Services, Bistro Le Cinq, Camille Lagain, Orphee Themyth, Sherley Gene, Sebastien Catillon, Enora Houbart – Universal Music France

Filming date: 2014
Filming location: Bistro Le Cinq

Language: French (Canada)
Runtime: 00:15:16